Republic of Croatia

Republika Hrvatska

CAPITAL : Zagreb

FLAG : Red, white, and blue horizontal bands with the Croatian coat of arms (red and white checkered).

ANTHEM : Lijepa Nasa Domovina.

MONETARY UNIT : The Croatian kuna (H R K was introduced in 1994, consisting of 100 lipa. As of January 2000, H R K1 = $0.1470 (or US $1 = H R K6.8) as of May 2003.

WEIGHTS AND MEASURES : The metric system is the legal standard.

HOLIDAYS : New Year's Day, 1 January; Epiphany, 6 January; Labor Day, 1 May; Republic Day, 30 May; National Holiday, 22 June; Assumption, 15 August; Christmas, 25–26 December.

TIME : 7 PM = noon GMT.


The region's climate has given Croatia a wealth of diverse flora and fauna. Ferns, flowers, mosses, and common trees populate the landscape. Along the Adriatic Sea there are subtropical plants. Native animals include deer, brown bears, rabbits, fox, and wild boars.


Croats made up 78% of the population at last estimates. Serbs were 12% and Muslims 0.9%. Hungarians accounted for 0.5%; Slovenians for 0.5%; and others 8.1%. A 1991 law guarantees Serbs autonomy in areas where they constitute the majority, but only after permanent peace is achieved.


Croatia has no territories or colonies.


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