Croatia - Energy and power

In 2001, Croatia had an installed electrical capacity of 3,822,000 kW. In 2000, net electricity generation was 10.6 billion kWh, of which 44.8% came from fossil fuels and 55.2% from hydropower. In the same year, consumption of electricity totaled 12.6 billion kWh. Oil fields in Slavonia, natural gas fields at Bogsic Lug and Molve, and coal mines at Labin and Potpican provide Croatia with energy resources. Oil production in 1998 was 31,000 barrels per day.

Natural gas production totaled 1.55 billion cu m (55 billion cu ft) in 1998. In 1996, Croatia signed a production agreement with foreign partners to jointly develop gas fields in the northern Adriatic. Much of the energy network was made inoperable during the civil war, and the oil refining capacity was severely damaged. However, Croatia's natural gas and petroleum industry did not suffer sustained damage during the fighting of 1991–92; the production of natural gas and petroleum continued at lower levels of output.

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