Croatia - Forestry

About 32% of the total area was forest or woodland in 2000. Croatia supplies small but good quality oak and beech; the wood industry has traditionally been oriented to the Italian market (accounting for over 35% of exports), and suffered damages during the civil war. Total roundwood production in 2000 was 3.5 million cu m (123 million cu ft), with exports of 361,000 cu m (12.7 million cu ft). Croatian exports of hardwood lumber typically consist of 50% beech, 30% oak, and 6% ash. Panels and veneer are also exported and Croatia is starting to increase the output of value-added products while seeking foreign private joint ventures. Production of panels and veneer products in 2000 (in cubic meters) included: veneer sheets, 31,000; plywood, 9,000; and particle board, 50,000. The forestry sector along with the whole of Croatian industry is also attempting to produce in accordance with European standards and develop standardized contracts.

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