Finland - Location, size, and extent

Part of Fenno-Scandia (the Scandinavian Peninsula, Finland, Karelia, and the Kola Peninsula), Finland has an area of 337,030 sq km (130,128 sq mi), of which 31,560 sq km (12,185 sq mi) is inland water. Comparatively, the area occupied by Finland is slightly smaller than the state of Montana. Its length, one-third of which lies above the Arctic Circle, is 1,160 km (721 mi) N S ; its width is 540 km (336 mi) E W .

Finland borders on the Russia to the E , the Gulf of Finland to the SE , the Baltic Sea to the SW , the Gulf of Bothnia and Sweden to the W , and Norway to the NW and N , with a total land boundary of 2,628 km (1,629 mi) and a coastline of about 1,126 km (698 mi, excluding islands and coastal indentations.

Finland's capital, Helsinki, is located on the country's southern coast.

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