Finland - Armed forces

Total armed forces in Finland numbered 31,850 active personnel in 2002, with reserves amounting to some 485,000. The army had 24,550 personnel; the navy, 4,600; and the air force 2,700. About 500 women were in the armed forces. Equipment included 268 main battle tanks, and 63 combat aircraft. A paramilitary frontier guard numbered 3,100. Defense expenditures were $1.8 billion in 1999 or about 2% of GDP. Finland provided observers and troops to 6 different peacekeeping operations in 2002.

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joseph marwa morobe
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Jul 23, 2007 @ 5:05 am
I am interested in joining the Finaland Armed Forces.I am asking a question if i am eligible in joining the Forces.\

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Joseph Marwa Morobe

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