Angola - Future trends

The future of Angola's economy depends entirely upon a cessation of hostilities and the creation of a stable and secure environment. If this does not happen, Angola will continue to have a low GDP regardless of the vast resources it possesses. However, due to the destruction of the infrastructure and the immense problem with land mines, there will be huge problems to overcome even if the war is ended. Infrastructure is necessary for expansion of the mining industry and agricultural production. The removal of mine fields will take huge resources. Both of these objectives will take a long time to achieve and have a high cost. Therefore, even with the creation of a stable and secure society it will take a long time before Angola can begin to tap its vast resources. An additional problem is that Angola is one of the most indebted countries in the world. Unless there is a substantial debt reduction the possibilities of rebuilding Angola's economy are slim, irrespective of cessation of hostilities.

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