Kenneth Davis Anthony
Prime Minister

St. Lucia

(pronounced "KEN-eth DA-vis AN-thon-ee")

"I solemnly pledge that we will effectively and fearlessly attack all those problems which today remain unsolved…we promise you a better, richer and more satisfied St. Lucia."

Located in the southern end of the crescent formed by the Windward Islands group in the Caribbean Sea, St. Lucia is an irregularly shaped oval, 44 km (27 mi) long and 23 km (14 mi) wide. This island country is characterized by rolling hills and two prominent volcanic mountains (The Pitons). It occupies an area of 620 sq km (239 sq mi).

St. Lucia's population was estimated at 160, 145 in 2002. About 90% are of African descent while the remainder consists of 6% mixed races, 3% East Indian descendants, and 1% European descendants. While English is the official language, French Patois is also widely spoken. St. Lucia is almost entirely Christian, with Roman Catholicism the largest denomination (90%). Although most St. Lucian women fill the traditional household roles, they are also well represented in government and the leading professions. The participation of women in other sectors of society is expected to increase as more women take advantage of public schooling and other government programs.

The economy has traditionally been tied to agriculture, principally the production of bananas, which account for 41% of all exports. Other major crops include coconuts and cocoa. In recent years tourism and related services have assumed greater importance. The United States, the United Kingdom, and other Caribbean nations are St. Lucia's major markets. The unit of currency is the Eastern Caribbean ( EC ) dollar.


Office of the Prime Minister
P.O. Box 1761, Castries
Castries, St. Lucia
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