Francisco Flores

El Salvador

(pronounced "fran-SIS-koh FLOR-es")

"The foremost and most urgent requirement of our government is to promote jobs. We must encourage all enterprises and businesses to create employment as the only alternative to neglect and poverty."

The Republic of El Salvador is located on the Pacific coast of Central America. It is the smallest and most densely populated of the five Central American republics and the only one without a coastline on the Caribbean Sea. It shares a long border with Honduras to the north and a shorter border with Guatemala to the west. The Gulf of Fonseca lies to its east and separates it from Nicaragua. The country's 21,040 sq km (8,124 sq mi) of terrain is mostly mountainous, with a narrow belt of fertile coastal lowlands and central plateau, where nearly three-fourths of the nation's six million people live. Geologically, it is located on one of the world's volcanic plates and has been subject to frequent and sometimes quite destructive earthquakes. The capital city of San Salvador has experienced earthquakes on 14 separate occasions.

Spanish is the official language, with a small percentage of the population speaking Nahua. Ethnically, almost all Salvadorans are mestizo; the Indian population is variously estimated at 5–10%. Although Roman Catholicism continues to be the dominant religious affiliation (86%) among Salvadorans, a growing percentage identify themselves with various Protestant and evangelical groups. An estimated one million Salvadorans considered themselves Protestant evangelicals. Literacy is at about 70% (1995 est). Life expectancy is 66 years for men and 74 years for women.

The Salvadoran unit of currency is the colón . Coffee production and export have dominated the economy for the last century. The largest source of revenue into the country, however, is from remittances from Salvadorans living in the United States, currently running at US $1.6 billion. El Salvador's primary trading partner is the United States, followed by neighboring Guatemala. Per capita GDP has been estimated at US $4,000.


President of the Republic of El Salvador
Presidential House
San Salvador, El Salvador
Web site: http://www.casapres.gob.sv

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