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Danish is the universal language. In addition to the letters of the English alphabet, it has the letters ae , ø , and å . A spelling reform of 1948 replaced aa by å , but English transliteration usually retains the aa . There are many dialects, but they are gradually being supplanted by standard Danish. Modern Danish has departed further from the ancient Nordic language of the Viking period than have Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish (to which Danish is closely related), and there is a substantial admixture of German and English words. Danish may be distinguished from the other Scandinavian languages by its change of k , p , and t to g , b , and d , in certain situations and by its use of the glottal stop. Faroese and Greenlandic (an Eskimo dialect) are also used. Many Danes have a speaking knowledge of English and German, and many more are capable of understanding these languages.

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well, I think that danish languages is a great languages because this languages is from the Scandinavians Culture and the structure of the sentence is different with the Spanish and French. And some time the danish alphabet is more different that the Spanish.

this is the reason because i believe that is interesting to study the danish languages.

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