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The Danish insurance industry is regulated by the Danish Supervisory Authority of Financial Affairs. Danish companies do most stock insurance business. Some government-owned insurance companies sell automobile, fire, and life insurance and handle the government's war-risk insurance program. In Denmark, third-party auto insurance, workers' compensation, nuclear power station insurance, hunter's liability, dog liability, third-party aircraft liability and mortgaged property insurance are compulsory. The two primary pieces of legislation affecting the insurance industry are the Insurance Companies Act and the Insurance Contracts Act. The first contains regulations for establishing and operating insurance companies and describes the public supervision of the insurance business. The second governs relations between insurance companies, policy holders, and claimants.

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I would like to know if some of the danish insurance conmpanies are working in Italy in the public liability vehicles.( RCA) or it is in process to do it.
Thenk you

Lauriano Buzzanca

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