Palau - Education

Elementary education is free and compulsory for all Palauan children ages 6–14. In 1990, there were 369 students in private schools and 1,756 in public schools. The gross enrollment ratio in primary school for 1990 to 1996 (i.e. the number of pupils enrolled divided by the number of children of primary-school age) was 103, indicating some attendance by students not in the primary age group. The Palau High School in Koror, the only public high school, enrolls 64% of the total secondary-school enrollment. In 1990, 445 secondary students attended private schools, and 165 were in public schools. Post-secondary education is provided by the College of Micronesia's Micronesian Occupational College (MOC) in Koror. The adult literacy rate is 98%.

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that must be a lot of schools there on guam we have i thing less or more .next summer i'm gonna visit my relatives in palau ,i relly want to see the schools there(:
In Palau, is going to school at a child points in life mandatory?

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