Pakistan - Armed forces

In 2002, Pakistan's armed forces totaled 620,000 active personnel with reserves numbering 513,000. The army of 550,000 comprised 2 armored divisions and 19 infantry divisions. The navy of 25,000 included approximately 1,200 marines and a small naval air arm. The air force, with a total strength of 45,000, had 366 combat aircraft. Paramilitary forces, including the Pakistan rangers, the frontier corps, a maritime security agency, a national guard and local defense units, totaled an estimated 290,000. It is suspected that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal has between 24 and 48 weapons, and has the capability to produce more. that Pakistan was a participant in UN and peacekeeping operations in seven regions. Defense expenditures in 2001 were $2.6 billion, or 4.6% of GDP.

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