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Iran had 140,200 km (87,120 mi) of roads in 2002, of which 49,440 km (30,722 mi) were paved, including 470 km (292 mi) of expressways. A1, a major paved highway, runs from Bazargan on the Turkish border to the border with Afghanistan. Another major highway, A2, runs from the Iraqi border to the Pakistani border. Much of the revolutionary government's road-building activity has centered on improving roads in rural areas. In 2000 there were over 1,139,500 passenger cars and 384,900 commercial vehicles.

The state-owned Iranian State Railway has 6,130 km (3,809 mi) of track. The main line runs south for 1,392 km (865 mi) from Bandar Turkoman on the Caspian Sea, through Tehran, to Bandar-e Khomeini on the Persian Gulf. Rail construction from Bafq to Sirjan has been completed and is operational.

Iran's main port at Khorramshahr on the Persian Gulf, as well as the port at Abadan, were largely destroyed in fighting during the 1980–88 war with Iraq. Khorramshahr is in limited operation since November 1992. Other ports on the Gulf are Bandar-e Khomeini, Bandar 'Abbas, and Bushehr. Both Bandar-e Khomeini and Bushehr were damaged because of the war. The government is continuing the previous regime's program to modernize the port at Bandar 'Abbas. On the Caspian Sea, there are the ports of Bandar Anzeli (formerly Bandar Pahlavi), and Naushahr. In addition, there are the oil shipment ports of Kharg Island (a principal target in the war with Iraq) and Abadan. There are 904 km (562 mi) of waterways. The principal inland waterways are Lake Orumieh and the Karun River. The Shatt al Arab is usually navigable by maritime traffic for about 130 km (81 mi). In 2002, the Iranian merchant marine included 147 vessels of at least 1,000 GRT, with a total capacity of 4,136,971 GRT.

Iran had 322 airports in 2001, 122 of which had paved runways. Principal airports include Bandar 'Abbas, Mehrabad International at Tehran, and Shiraz International at Shiraz. The state-owned Iran Air maintains frequent service to 15 cities in Iran and is an international carrier. In 2001, 9,317,900 passengers were carried on scheduled domestic and international flights.

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