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Deforestation and the resulting soil erosion cause significant environmental problems in Cambodia. By 1985, logging activities, the clearing of the land for agricultural purposes, and the damage from the Vietnam war resulted in the destruction of 116 square miles of forest land. Between 1983 and 1993, the nation's forest and woodland were reduced by an additional 11.3% to 11.7 million ha. In 1995, there were only 9 million ha. The nation has 120.6 cubic km of renewable water resources with 94% used for farming activity and 1% used for industrial purposes. Most rural dwellers do not have access to pure water. Cambodia's cities produce 0.2 million tons of solid waste per year. Three-fourths of Cambodia's wildlife areas have been lost through the destruction of its forests, and strip mining for gems in the western part of the country poses an additional threat to the nation's biodiversity and wildlife habitats. Natural fisheries have been endangered by the destruction of Cambodia's mangrove swamps. As of 2001, 23 of Cambodia's mammal species and 18 of its bird species were endangered. Endangered species in Cambodia include 3 species of gibbon (pileated, crowned, and caped), several species of wild dog and wild cat, leopard, tiger, Asian elephant, Sumatran rhinoceros, Thailand brow-antlered deer, kouprey, giant catfish, Indian python, Siamese crocodile, and estuarine crocodile.

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cambodia nowaday have a trouble to its environment. are there any solution reply to the problem???
i think the problem is connected with poverty and this needs to be addressed by the government in order to save Cambodia's nature and endangered species.
i am doing a project on cambodia and i was wondering what are some exaamples of h.e.i. in that countrs?
Hello sir ! i'm a student at Norton University Year I and My question is i Want to ask you About topic "Environment of Cambodia" that Can you Explain to khmer language to me now ?
Hi Master, How are you? I am a student at Panasatra University of Cambodia. I want to study Environment. This is my major that I like to study. Could you explain me about Environment Management and Environment Science. Thank to you bey.
To Ai Thearith and Chrey Sothea... There is no shortcut or easy explanation to Environmental issues in Cambodia or any other country for that matter since each country has their own unique issues. Environmental issues takes years to understand and could not be explained in a few pages so, go on with your studies and learn on the way. As I said "There ain't any shortcuts" nothin's spoonfed
i was wondering if there is any pics of cambodia strip mining
dear sir/madam,
I'm a student in cambodia.first,i would like you to add description about environment issue in cambodia more detail ,problem's encountering today,effect , solution ,and global trouble too. because it make easy for student's research not only me but for all other pupil too.
i hope you will consider on this.thank,
ouy ratana
Dear sir/madam:
I study at HRU.I would like to know about how to solve the environmental problems in Cambodia.could you tell me ?
I'm just a high school student, and my goal is to become a good environmentalist for my country and the earth. So please give me some suggestions and advice...Thanks
Dear sir/madam:
I study at DIU.I would like to known about solotion of the environmental in cambodia. Could you tell me?

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