Afghanistan - Flora and fauna

There are over 3,000 plant species, including hundreds of varieties of trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, and fungi. The country is particularly rich in such medicinal plants as rue, wormwood, and asafetida; fruit and nut trees are found in many areas. Native fauna include the fox, lynx, wild dog, bear, mongoose, shrew, hedgehog, hyena, jerboa, hare, and wild varieties of cats, asses, mountain goats, and mountain sheep. Trout is the most common fish. There are more than 100 species of wildfowl and birds.

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not telling my name sorry
i am doing a project on afghanistan and i found it really interesting. this website helped my with the climate and flora fauna which means the plants in this country.
I search about Taraxacum (dandelion). I want pictures of species of it,every species.
please help me.
i have 2 do a project for a country that i have no clue bout and i was given AFGHANISTAN and i found this site helpful with the flora and fauna side of da project
i like the information on Afghanistan Flora and Fauna on the website
Najmuddin Najam
Having a clear knowledge about Afghanistan fauna and flora is more important for agriculturalist and environmentalist. when we have the list of our country biologic picture we can decide properly to develop better plan for best practice in any field of agriculture, Irrigation, live stock and environmental issues due times.
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Good website to find infomation when you are doing a project do Asia
Was so useful to get information about the Fauna and Flora of Afghanistan
Thanks for the help. I'm doing a project of Afghanistan, this helped me so much. Thanks.
Amazing me
You need to add pictures of the flora and fauna.Please.

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