Rwanda - Libraries and museums

The largest library collection is at the National University, which had approximately 199,000 volumes. There is a government library in Kigali, with 15,000 volumes, and smaller collections are found in the administrative centers of the other prefectures. A National Library was founded in 1989 and had a collection of 6,000 volumes in 2002. A library of 30,000 volumes is maintained at the Dominican Monastery in Kigali and the French Cultural Institute also maintains a collection in the capital.

The National Museum in Butare contains an important collection for the study of the cultural evolution of the country and is housed in a building inaugurated in January 1989. An ethnological museum is maintained in Kabgayi and a geological museum in Ruhengeri. Kigali is home to the Geological Museum of Rwanda.

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I’m a graduate student studying at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan.
I am researching a community library in Rwanda.
The IFLA World Map shows the number of libraries in each country.
Unfortunately, there is no information on Rwanda.
Please tell me the approximate number of community libraries in Rwanda.
The information will be great help for my research.
And, I think it would be useful for Rwanda to publish library statistics.

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