Rwanda - Armed forces

Rwanda's armed forces totaled between 60,000 and 75,000 active troops in 2002 for all services including the National Police. The army of 49,000–64,000 are mostly infantry with equipment including 12 main battle tanks. The air force of about 1,000 operate at least five combat aircraft. Rwanda has a reported 15,000–20,000 troops stationed in the DROC. The paramilitary consists of up to 10,000 national police and local defense forces of approximately 2,000. In 2001, expenditures for defense were $58 million or 3.1% of GDP. Opposition forces may number around 15,000 in the Army for the Liberation of Rwanda which consists of Hutu rebels. The civil war of 1994 weakened the government armed forces, who could not stop the Hutu–Tutsi tribal conflict.

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Are those datas real? I just wonder for there are some information saying that the total foot soldiers are about 100 000 man and woman active in the RDF.
It apperas there is alot of guessing on the exact total number of Rwanda's military capacity.
What is the exact number of the men and women in Uniform? Does anybody know? where can such information be got?

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