Andorra - Future trends

The Andorran economy is now very closely related to those of France and Spain and is dependent on the overall trends in the EU. Despite positive recent changes in the economy, related to the increasing role of modern services, it is likely that Andorra will, at least over the next few years, continue to confront a number of problems arising from the large influx of foreigners and the need to develop modern social institutions.

In addition to questions of Andorran nationality and immigration, the country's priorities will include addressing housing scarcities and the tough real estate market, reinvigorating international tourism, and renegotiating its trade relationship with the EU.

The results of Andorra's polls so far have indicated that the people generally support reform initiatives and believe that the country has to integrate into the EU in order to preserve and develop its economic prosperity. It is likely that it will be successful in shifting from duty-free shopping to finance and other services as the second major economic sector and revenue source.

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