Patrick Manning
Prime Minister

Trinidad and Tobago

(pronounced "PAA-trik MAA-ning")

"Rest assured, my friends, that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago is committed to ensuring that the country remains safe from any undesirable and destabilizing element."

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago lies in the southern Caribbean just off the coast of Venezuela. The total area of Trinidad and Tobago is 5,128 sq km (1,980 sq mi). The population was estimated at 1,163,724 in 2002, divided between the African descendants of slaves (39.5%) and East Indian descendants of indentured laborers (40.3%). European, Chinese, Syrian, Lebanese and mixed races comprise the rest of the population. The population is predominantly Roman Catholic (30%), Hindu (24%), and Anglican (11%), with smaller groups of various Protestant sects and Muslims (6%). English is the official language of the country, but Hindi, French, Spanish and Chinese are also spoken. Trinidad and Tobago, which had an estimated per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of us $9,000 in 2001, is one of the most industrialized Caribbean countries. Its economy is based primarily on petroleum and petroleum products. Industries include petrochemicals, methanol, and iron and steel. Sugar is the main agricultural export. The unit of currency is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar.


White Hall
Maraval Road
Trinidad and Tobago

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