The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

BACKGROUND: In 1910, a conference on international air law code, attended by representatives of 18 European nations, was convened in Paris, France. In 1919, following World War I, the Paris Peace Conference created the International Air Convention to govern aspects of civil aviation. The Convention, ratified by 38 nations, began the process of creating an International Commission for Air Navigation (ICAN); ICAN established headquarters in Paris in December 1922, with Albert Roper as general secretary. Following World War II (in November 1944), 32 nations signed a Convention on International Civil Aviation establishing the permanent International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to oversee international cooperation on regulations, standards, and procedures governing civil aviation. It took three years for the ratification process, but in 1947 ICAO took over the ICAN offices in Paris.


As of 20 June 2002, ICAO had 188 member states.


The 2001 assembly approved the following budgets: 2002, US $56,743,000; 2003, US $57,584,000; 2004, US $60,456,000. Contributions by member states are assessed on a sliding scale determined by the assembly.


Air Navigation Plans. For all nine ICAO regions of the world.

ICAO Journal. Provides a concise account of the activities of ICAO and features additional information of interest to contracting states and to the international aeronautical world. Issued ten times a year.

ICAO publications and audio visual training aids . Catalogs of reference materials from ICAO, including texts of conventions, procedures for air navigation services, technical publications, air transport studies, and videos on subjects such as air traffic control, airport emergency planning, aviation medicine, safety, and meteorology. Published annually. Catalogs are also accessible at the ICAO web site .

User Contributions:

I would like to know the member states for each ICAO Region. If posssible a sketch map showing the member countries on globe map with regional markings.Moreover list of different working groups engaged with different work/tasks in MID & APAC Regions is also rquested.
I would like to know, if ICAO accepts any private commercial organisation as a member of ICAO?
I know that member states listings exist, but is a private organisation, company, registered in Singapore, which is profit oriented, accepted as a member of ICAO?
I am a trainer, instructor is a Civil Aviation Industry in Singapore, that trains and instructs security personals on civil aviation security, before these security personals are send to national Police agency to be certified as Aviation Security Person to be deployed in the airport.
Since I come from the Training Institute, that trains persons in Civil Aviation, I would like to inquire on the membership process for such a Academy that comes under the profit oriented company.

Would be helpful if you could help to respond to this quiery please.
thank you.
hi, im a aviation student. Ive given an assignment by my lecturer to find out a summary about ICAO. It would be grateful if i get it.

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