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Spoken throughout the United Kingdom and, in 1992, by an estimated 456 million people throughout the world, English is second only to Mandarin Chinese in the number of speakers in the world. It is taught extensively as a second language and is used worldwide as a language of commerce, diplomacy, and scientific discourse. In northwestern Wales, Welsh, a form of Brythonic Celtic, is the first language of most of the inhabitants.

Approximately 26% of those living in Wales speak Welsh (up from 19% in 1991). Some 60,000 or so persons in western Scotland speak the Scottish form of Gaelic (down from 80,000 in 1991), and a few families in Northern Ireland speak Irish Gaelic. On the Isle of Man, the Manx variety of Celtic is used in official pronouncements; in the Channel Islands some persons still speak a Norman-French dialect. French remains the language of Jersey for official ceremonies.

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Gregg Robert Ashcroft
As good as this site is, it is some what lacking in informtion and a wee bit miss leading. England is far more a country and holds a greater status than that of Luxemburg for example. Infact a number of areas in England hold them same statues as Luxeburg, such as the 4 dukedomes of england. Also you are missing a number of language from the list, such as scots (lallan, ulsters, doric, insular) (these are not a celtic but Germanic like English), cornish, irish gaelic. You also fail to mention a number of dialects, such as lancastrian, Cumbrian (Cumberland, not cumbria) and Kentish, Black country etc etc etc. which are as diverse as many Spnish language (such as the difference between Arogenease and castillano, or the variants of dutch or German) Sorry to bother you but there be alot missing, otherwise its a gud site.
When I got to this page I was really suprised of how much information there was! I was working on my project from school on the United Kingdom and I found it really really helpful!
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