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The United Kingdom, the world's fifth-largest trading nation, is highly dependent on foreign trade. It must import almost all its copper, ferrous metals, lead, zinc, rubber, and raw cotton; most of its tin, raw wool, hides and skins, and many other raw materials; and about one-third of its food.

The United Kingdom's major export commodities are manufactured items and crude petroleum. The top 10 exports are as follows:

United Kingdom

Telecommunications equipment 5.8
Crude petroleum 5.6
Automobiles 5.1
Automatic data processing equipment 5.0
Medicinal and pharmaceutical products 3.9
Aircraft 3.6
Engines and motors 3.5
Transistors and valves 3.3
Professional and scientific measuring equipment 3.0
Motor vehicle parts and accessories 2.6

In 2000 the United Kingdom's imports were distributed among the following categories:

United Kingdom

Consumer goods 18.1%
Food 7.2%
Fuels 4.4%
Industrial supplies 22.8%
Machinery 29.5%
Transportation 17.0%
Other 1.0%

Principal trading partners in 2000 (in millions of US dollars) were as follows:

United Kingdom

United States 41,969 39,485 -2,484
Germany 30,471 40,595 -10,124
France 25,606 25,666 -60
Netherlands 21,080 22,049 -969
Ireland 18,516 13,541 4,975
Belgium 14,061 14,786 -725
Italy 11,779 14,083 -2,304
Spain 11,760 8,913 2,847
Japan 5,386 15,755 -10,369
China (inc. Hong Kong) 3,881 16,803 -12,922

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