Switzerland - Forestry

Forests occupied 1,199,000 hectares (2,962,000 acres) in 2000. About two-thirds of the forested land is owned by communes; most of the remainder is owned privately. Federal and cantonal governments account for about 8%. About 80% of the wood in Swiss forests is coniferous, primarily spruce; the remaining 20% is deciduous, predominantly red beech.

The timber cut yielded 10,428,000 cu m (368 million cu ft) of roundwood in 2000, with 20% used as fuel wood. Forestry production in 2000 amounted to about 1,625,000 cu m (57 million cu ft) of sawnwood, 1,777,000 tons of paper and paperboard, and 274,000 tons of wood pulp. The trade deficit in forestry products amounted to $137 million in 2000.

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