Spain - Forestry

Spain's forested area in 2000 was estimated at 14.37 million ha(35.5 million acres), of which 7.5 million ha (18.5 million acres) was dense timberland. The northern Cantabrian range accounts for about one-third of the timberland. In addition, Spain has 2.5 million ha (6.2 million acres) of woodlots typically comprised of oaks and cork trees, located mostly in the west (especially in Estremadura and Salamanca).

Roundwood production in 2001 was 15 million cu m (530 million cu ft), with about 15% used as fuel wood. Spain is one of the largest producers of cork, its most important commercial forest product. Scotch and maritime pine, as well as radiata pine, are the main softwood lumber species produced in Spain; eucalyptus and poplar are the principal hardwood species. In 2001, Spain imported $1.37 billion in forest products, primarily softwood lumber ($288 million), hardwood lumber ($222 million), and hardwood logs ($183 million).

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