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With a population of around one million, Riga is the major tourism center of the Baltic states. Its historic architecture has undergone extensive restoration in the past 25 years. Latvia's hotel industry is still underdeveloped but growing; joint ventures have modernized existing hotels in Riga to create Western-style accommodations. Tennis, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, sailing, water sports, and winter sports are available to visitors, as well as a ski marathon in February, the Sport Festival of Riga in May, and the International Riga Marathon in July.

All visitors need passports and visas, except for nationals of the UK, Hungary, Poland and Denmark, who are exempt from visa requirements.

In 2000, Latvia had 1,914,088 visitor arrivals and tourism receipts totaled $131 million. There were 11,890 beds available in hotels and other accommodations.

According to 2001 US government estimates, the daily cost of staying in Riga was $207 per day.

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