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The fishing industry has expanded and been modernized in recent years. At the beginning of 1996, the Greek fishing fleet consisted of 20,461 vessels with 121,664 GRT. The total fish catch was 99,280 tons in 2000. A total of $227.8 million of fish and fish products were exported that year. In the north of Greece, freshwater fisheries have been restocked and developed.

Sponge fishing, formerly an important undertaking in the Dodecanese and other regions, decreased in volume from 135.5 tons of sponges in 1955 to 10 tons in 2000.

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Jul 7, 2007 @ 7:07 am
The USA had the same exact problem with the gill net boats ( trates ) dragging their nets over fish reproduction beds, bringing their fisheries to an ubrupt halt. Ever since they prohibited gillnets within certain miles from the beach ( federal law with really big penalties ) the fisheries have made a phenomenal come back, resulting in the best fisheries and catches of the last 50 years, and 5 billion dollars in revenue ( fishing guides, boats retail, tackle , clothing etc ) in the state of Florida alone.

All I am saying is, we dont have to reinvent the circle, just adjust it to fit Greece and the results will be the same. Are the professional fishermen complaining?
1. If things continue the way they are, they won't have left any fish to catch
2. Provide them with financial incentives to operate fish farms ( plus the goverment can own some to restock any fish population they need to improve)

Plus the single most valuable tool is TO EDUCATE THE PUCLIC AND WAKE UP THEIR CONSIOUSNESS; along with the CLOSURE ( prohibit keeping fish ) when that species congregate to spawn, these two things alone I think will bring considerably positive results.

Then, we can introduce legal fish lengths to keep certain species.

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May 17, 2011 @ 6:18 pm
i love it but it needs information just a bit more

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