Georgia - Armed forces

Georgia had a total of 17,500 active personnel in its armed forces in 2002. Reserves numbered up to 250,000. The army of 8,620 included the 1,578-member National Guard. Equipment included 90 main battle tanks. The navy of 1,830 operated 11 patrol craft. There was an air force of 1,250 flying seven combat aircraft and three armed helicopters. Government troops faced opposition by some 5,000 Abkhazian and 2,000 South Ossetian rebels. Paramiltary troops numbered 11,700 including Ministry of Interior troops and border guards. Russia deployed 4,000 troops in the country, and there were 1,500 peacekeeping forces and 100 UN observers from 22 countries. Defense spending was $23 million in 2000 or 0.6% of GDP.

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