Denmark - International cooperation

Denmark became a charter member of the UN on 24 October 1945 and belongs to ECE and all the nonregional specialized agencies. In association with WHO, Denmark has supported UN relief work by supplying medical personnel to assist developing countries and by sending out the hospital ship Jutlandia during the Korean War. The European regional office of WHO is in Copenhagen. Denmark participates actively in multilateral technical aid programs, and the Danish Council for Technical Cooperation provides additional aid to developing countries in Asia and Africa. The nation also assists the African Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank. Denmark is a member of NATO and of various inter-European organizations including the Council of Europe and the OECD. Until 1 January 1973, when it joined the EC (now the EU), Denmark had been a member of EFTA.

Denmark, a member of the Nordic Council, cooperates with other northern countries—Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden—in social welfare and health insurance legislation and in freeing its frontiers of passport control for residents of other Scandinavian countries. The nation has signed the Law of the Sea and is a member of the WTO.

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