United Arab Emirates - Science and technology

Advanced technology in the United Arab Emirates has been imported mostly by foreign oil companies and is limited largely to heavy industry; nearly all of its technological specialists are foreigners. In the 1980s, the United Arab Emirates took major steps to decrease its reliance on foreign scientists and technicians. The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has a research center in Ra's al-Khaimah. United Arab Emirates University, founded in 1976 at Al Ain, has faculties of sciences, engineering, agricultural sciences, medicine and health sciences. Ajman University College of Science and Technology was founded in 1988, Etisalat College of Engineering at Sharjah in 1989, and the The Higher Colleges of Technology at Abu Dhabi in 1988. In 1987–97, science and engineering students accounted for 24% of college and university enrollments.

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cody Robson
this is good to make a project for social studies.
My name is kamar And I am from Pakistan. I currently live in Dubai. I want to tell you something about my life. I was very fond of reading in childhood. And I wanted to study and become an engineer but I couldn't get a higher education because of my poor memory. When I was a second-grade student, I had a difficult time remembering lessons. Then I started researching other students in the class who were intelligent as to why they miss so many lessons. One day, sitting in my mind, there were people who didn't even get an education who had invented so much. Then I started researching these people. I traveled very hard until high school. Then I got admitted to college but I had a hard time remembering the lesson then I left college after three months. I wanted to do something in terms of science and technology after that but I didn't have the resources. What I have gained from 20 years of research now is that to become a doctor or an engineer requires a degree, not to become a scientist. Any human being can become a scientist by his creativity. But there are many students in our society who have a high level of creativity but they do not understand. As a student with a science and technology mind, I am able to easily identify such a student.but I have some problems English.

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