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Government-provided social welfare services are directed by the Ministry of Community Development, which is often assisted by various voluntary organizations, most of them affiliated with the Singapore Council of Social Service. Besides institutionalized care, the Ministry of Community Development administers foster and homemaker service schemes for needy young persons. In January 1986, the government operated 88 child care centers and three welfare homes for aged and destitute persons. Social welfare assistance is also provided by mutual-benefit organizations and voluntary services.

All employers and employees earning more than S $50 per month must contribute to the Central Provident Fund, a public pension and retirement program which provides lump-sum benefits for old age, disability, death, sickness, and maternity. Retirement is at age 55. Employee contributions are based on income; employers pay 10% of monthly earnings. If employees earn less that S $200 per month, they are exempt from contribution requirements. There is a special system for public employees, and employers may choose a private plan if approved. Employers also fund workers' compensation benefits for jobrelated injuries. In addition, employers are required to provide 14 days of paid sick leave and eight weeks of paid maternity leave to their employees.

Women's legal rights are equal to those of men in most areas, including civil liberties, employment, business, and education. Women comprise 42% of the labor force and are well represented in the professions. Despite the legal principle of equal pay for equal work, women earn approximately 75% of the average male salary. This is due in part to the fact that most women work in the lower paying administrative jobs. Women also have a limited ability to transmit their citizenship to their children if they live overseas. In addition, the health benefits of female civil servants do not cover their spouses, as is the case for male employees. In 1999, however, women won the right to sponsor foreign-born husbands for citizenship. Spousal abuse and domestic violence are not widespread problems and the laws provide protection to women.

Prison conditions are considered to be good, but there are reports of the mistreatment of detainees. Caning is a common form of punishment for many different offenses. Cases of police abuse are generally investigated by the government and reported in the media. Freedom of assembly and association are restricted.

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