Philippines - Forestry

Forests are an important economic resource in the Philippines. As of 2000, remaining forests occupy 5,789,000 ha (14,300,000 acres), equivalent to 19.4% of the total Philippine land area. Major commercial forest reserves are located in Mindanao, Luzon, Samar, Negros, and Palawan. Areas devoted to industrial tree plantations in 2000 were estimated at 753,000 ha (1,860,000 acres). Some 28,000 ha (69,000 acres) were reforested in 2000, 21% by the private sector.

Roundwood production in 2000 was estimated at 17.3 million cu m (610.7 million cu ft). Production of lumber in 2000 was estimated at 128,000 cu m (4.5 million cu ft); wood pulp, 175,000 cu m (6.2 million cu ft); and plywood, 282,000 cu m (9.96 million cu ft). In the early 1980s, the Philippines was a significant exporter of tropical hardwood logs and lumber, but production fell by over 50% over the decade, leaving the country a net importer of tropical hardwood logs by 1990. The trade deficit for forest products was $481.1 million in 2000.

Among other forest products are bamboo, rattan, resins, tannin, and firewood.

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