Nepal - Animal husbandry

Livestock, adapted to many uses, forms an essential part of the economy. Livestock accounts for about 30% of gross agricultural output. In farm work, bullocks and asses are largely used. Herds of yaks, cows, and their hybrids, zobos, are grazed in the central valley and to some extent along the borders of the foothill jungles. A few hogs usually are kept on the larger farms. Sheep and goats are used for food and also as pack animals, particularly in the distribution of salt over the trade routes; the sheep also supply a valuable type of wool.

In 2001, Nepal had an estimated 6,983,000 head of cattle, 3,624,000 water buffalo, 851,000 sheep, 6,478,000 goats, and 912,000 hogs. Modern poultry farms are operated principally by the Newaris, who carry on most of the agriculture in the Ka¯thmāndu Valley. There were about 9.8 million chickens in 2001, when 13,500 tons of poultry meat were produced. Traditionally, butter and cheese are among the leading exports of Nepal. Livestock products in 2001 included an estimated 342,000 tons of cow's milk, 20,000 tons of butter and ghee, and 614 tons of wool (greasy basis).

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Oct 7, 2010 @ 3:03 am
I want to start pig farming ,poultry farm and fishery in large scale in nepal in Rapti Zone.sir would u mind if i sak if for sugesstion for it and 4m where can i get hybrid of these farm, there feed and what orazanization is playing role to import hybreed of these animal in nepal. THANX
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Jun 25, 2011 @ 4:04 am
I would like to start an animal husbandry farm in Nepal .
help me
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Sep 22, 2011 @ 2:02 am
Economy of Nepal is said to be based on Agriculture but the reality is that agriculture sector is discouraged. People need awareness and skill development regarding Agricultural products including animal husbandry.We need to develop professionalism in this sector.I am very much interested in starting up Animal husbandry ie cow keeping in Kanchanpur, a farwestern district of Nepal. I seek for training,and other information related to it from you.thanks
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Jun 24, 2012 @ 4:04 am
My interest is cow farming in Nepal within kathmandu Valley, Narayani and Biratnagar but having lack of knowledge i could not make decision to start the business and I also have no idea where to go to buy hybrid jursey cows and also looking for kind of training that helps me in cow farming as well. Could you please give me details information about it?

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