Marshall Islands - Climate

The maritime tropical climate is hot and humid, with little seasonal temperature change. Diurnal variations generally range between 21° and 34° C (70° and 93° F ). Trade winds from the northeast cool the high temperatures from December through March.

Rainfall averages about 30–38 cm (12–15 in) per month, with October and November the wettest and December to April the driest. Average rainfall increases from the north to the south; the northern atolls average 178 cm (70 in) annually, compared with 432 cm (170 in) in the southern atolls.

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I 'm going to the Marshall Islands, yo
How to get there?
My name is Karolina, i want now go to marshall islands
The climate is very nice, hot summers and mild winters. Rainfall very good, higher then anywhere I have ever gardened in. Pics show lots of coconut palms. Why do the people not supplement their diets by growing fruit & vegetables? Climate sounds like a gardening paradise?
From my studdies on the Marshall Islands it sounds like a very nice place to go my only conceran would be the rising of sea levels. No water in my house please!
I would like to know about this country. As in the culture an update in the population. How much work is available here. How much work is available here? Also would experience, what different airlines that are affiliated and traveling to this country. In conclusion, do they have room for a fire alarm technician ? Room for a masseuse or bartered shelter or room to open under the country or counties Jurisdictions. Is there a way for building or opening a battered woman shelter as well as children? Thanks for your response. Look forward to hearing from you please!

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