Maldives - Energy and power

The power plant in Malé, with a capacity of 25,000 kW, provided 85 million kWh of electricity for the island in 1998. More than half of this amount was distributed to residences, and one-quarter to government buildings. A smaller plant on Hulule supplies power for the airstrip on that island. About 55% of total energy consumption comes from wood. Nearly all of the inhabited islands of the Maldives (194 out of 199) have access to electricity; in late 2001, the Asian Development Bank issued an $8 million loan to boost the availability and supply of power to 40 outlying islands of the Maldives. In 2000, net electricity generation for all of Maldives was 110 million kWh, of which 100% came from fossil fuels. In the same year, consumption of electricity totaled 102.3 million kWh. Total installed capacity at the beginning of 2001 was 25 MW.

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