Lebanon - Armed forces

The conflict of 1975–90 split the regular Lebanese army along Christian-Muslim lines. The force was later reformed, first by the United States, then by Syria. In 2002, active armed forces totaled 76,000 with some 40,000 reserves in the People's Militia. The army numbered 70,000 equipped with around 327 main battle tanks. There was a navy of 830 and an air force of 1,000 personnel, neither well-armed.

Much of the opposition militia has disbanded, and the Moslem Hezbollah (3,000 active) is the only significant communal army remaining. The defense budget was $343 million in 1999–00 or4.8% of GDP. Also stationed in Lebanon were 3,638 UNIFIL (UN peacekeeping) troops, 150 Iranian Revolutionary Guard Troops, and 18,000 Syrian troops.

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