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In 1999, the entire labor force in Fiji was 137,000 workers. Subsistence agriculture and farming accounted for nearly 75% of the workforce in 2001. The unemployment rate was about 7.6% in 1999.

The law protects the right of workers to unionize with some restrictions. All unions must be registered, but they are not controlled by the government. Wages and conditions of employment are regulated by agreements between trade unions and employers. The only central labor organization is the Fiji Trade Union Congress (FTUC). Workers have the right to collective bargain and strike, although a union may not strike in connection with a union recognition dispute. About 55% of the paid workforce was unionized as of 2002.

The normal workweek ranges from 40 to 48 hours but there is no statutory regulated workweek. There is no national minimum wage. The enforcement of child labor regulations is not effective. Health and safety standards are not closely monitored.

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