Cambodia - Animal husbandry

Livestock, raised primarily by private households, traditionally supplied an important supplement to the Cambodian diet. The Pol Pot regime placed heavy stress on cattle and poultry breeding, but thousands died during the chaotic years of the late 1970s. Estimated livestock levels in 2001 were cattle, 2,868,000 (as compared with 700,000 in 1979), and pigs, 2,114,000 (as compared with 100,000 in 1979). Cambodia also had 626,000 head of buffalo, 15.2 million chickens, and 4.6 million ducks in 2001. In 2001, Cambodia produced an estimated 205,000 tons of meat, with pork accounting for 52%; poultry, 12% beef, 25%; and other meats, 11%.

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