St. Lucia - Tourism, travel, and recreation

Dramatic tropical scenery, beautiful beaches, and excellent water-sports facilities are St. Lucia's principal tourist attractions. Of special interest are the Piton Mountains and the Sulphur Springs (the world's only drive-in volcano). Visitors, except citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and the Windward Islands, need a valid passport and may need a visa if their government has no exemption agreement with St. Lucia. Tourists come by air directly from Europe, Canada, and the United States, and on cruise ships sailing through the West Indies out of North American and European ports.

There were 269,850 tourist arrivals in St. Lucia in 2000 and tourist receipts totaled US $277 million. In that year there were 8,236 bed-places available and 4,428 hotel rooms. The hotel occupancy rate was 67%.

According to 1999 UN estimates, the cost of staying in St. Lucia is US $237 per day between December and April, and US $193 per day at other times of the year.

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