St. Lucia - Agriculture

Agriculture accounts for about 8% of GDP. The production of bananas, St. Lucia's most important crop, fluctuates as a result of climatic conditions and plant disease; it has gone from a low of 32,000 tons in 1975 to 160,000 tons in 1990 (48% of the Windward Islands' banana production that year) to 80,000 tons in 1999. Almost the entire production is exported. The second most important crop is coconuts, exported as oil and copra; about 12,000 tons of coconuts were produced in 1999. The production of vegetables and fruits for local consumption increased steadily since 1979, as the government sought to achieve self-sufficiency in tomatoes, onions, carrots, cabbages, and breadfruit. In 2001, the value of exported agricultural products amounted to US $31.5 million, down from US $85.7 million in 1990.

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that article was so useful for my Geography homework on St Lucian agriculture. I never knew that St Lucia grew tomatoes and carrots!!!!
This was very interesting and helpful. I shocked my teacher with the fact about St Lucia growing carrots and tomatoes!!!!!!

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