St. Kitts and Nevis - Environment

Deforestation, erosion, and water pollution are among the most significant environmental problems in St. Kitts and Nevis. Deforestation has affected the nation's wildlife population and contributed to soil erosion. The erosion of the soil produces silt, which affects the living environment for marine life on the coral reefs.

Water pollution results from uncontrolled dumping of sewage into the nation's waters. Another contributing factor is pollution from cruise ships which support the nation's tourist trade. In an effort to establish a framework for the regulation of environmental issues, the government has introduced legislation. The National Conservation and Environmental Protection Act, along with the Letter Act, are aimed at monitoring the nation's most pressing environmental concerns.

Endangered species in the country include the red-bellied racer, green turtle, leatherback turtle, and the hawksbill turtle.

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interesting information, but i would like to know what is the possition of saint kitts and nevis in the issue of trade and enviroment
sofia bajinay
quisiera saber más sobre el medio ambiente y las medidas de saint kitts and nevis frente al mismo

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