Honduras - Customs and duties

Most imports from outside the CACM are subject to a common external tariff (CET) ranging from 0%–15%. Duties are levied ad valorem over the cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) value of goods. Honduras also imposes a sales tax (12% on most goods, 15% for alcohol and tobacco) and consumption tax on selected imports: 20% on alcoholic beverages, 35% on motor vehicles, and 55% on cigarettes. Capital goods are admitted at a tariff rate of only 1%.

In June 1992, the Central Bank of Honduras eliminated the need for most import permits and foreign exchange authorizations.

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i just want to know what are the customs of honduran christmas.
susan stone
Do these same taxes apply to a motorcycle that is donated to a non-profit?
Hugo Menendez
I am planning to onpen a shoe manufacturing company in Honduras in one of the samaller towns to provide citizens with employment. Do the machines that I import into the country to produce the shoes have to apy inport tases?
I would like to know " what is the De limites threshold for Honduras"?. I have been trying to find it out from past few weeks but unable to find. If any one could help me it would be a great favor. And also where can I find the day to day updates of the Honduras Customs duty or updates and modifications in the Nomenclature. I have been trying to find these in the official websites but I am unable to find them. Please do help me.
Please How can i find the importation tax on solar equipment
thanks again
how are honduras salex taxt calculated on import vehicles?

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