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Based on 1998 estimates, 82.1% of the Canadian population belong to Christian denominations. Roman Catholics constitute the largest single group, with 45.2% of the population. Other Catholic groups include Eastern Orthodox (1.4%) and Ukrainian Catholics (0.5%). Protestants make up 36.4% of the populace, including the United Church with 11.5%; Anglicans with 8.1%; Presbyterians with 2.4%; Lutherans with another 2.4%; Baptists with 2.5%; Pentecostals with 1.6%; and various other Protestant denominations with 7.9%. Members of other religions include Jews (1.2% of the population), Muslims (0.9%), Buddhists (0.6%), Hindus (0.6%), Sikhs (0.5%), parareligious faiths—including Scientology, Kabalarianism, and Rastafarianism—(0.1%), and other religions (0.1%). Approximately 12.5% of the population has no religious affiliation.

Freedom of religion has been specifically protected since the enactment of the Canadian Bill of Rights in 1960, now incorporated into the constitution.

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