Zimbabwe - Tourism, travel, and recreation

Tourist attractions include Victoria Falls and the Kariba Dam on the Zambezi River, numerous wildlife sanctuaries and game reserves, including Hwange National Park, the eastern highlands, the Matobo Hills, and the Zimbabwe ruins near Masvingo. There are safari areas in the Zambezi Valley below the Kariba Dam, and at Tuli, and resort, camping, and fishing facilities. South African visitors still account for the largest share of the tourist trade and political progress in that country brightens the outlook for tourism in Zimbabwe. Tourists not from Commonwealth countries are expected to have both passports and visas. Anti-malarial pills are recommended.

Tourism receipts for 2000 totaled approximately $125 million. In that year approximately 1,868,412 tourists visited Zimbabwe. There were 5,206 hotel rooms with 9,427 beds and a 29% occupancy rate.

According to 2002 US government estimates, the cost of staying in Harare is about $138 per day. A stay at Victoria Falls may cost about $325 per day.

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