Zimbabwe - Location, size, and extent

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A landlocked country of southcentral Africa, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) lies between the Zambezi River on the N and the Limpopo River on the S . It has an area of 390,580 sq km (150,804 sq mi), with a length of 852 km (529 mi) WNW ESE and a width of 710 km (441 mi) NNE SSW . Comparatively, the area occupied by Zimbabwe is slightly larger than the state of Montana. Bounded on the N and E by Mozambique, on the S by the Republic of South Africa, on the SW by Botswana, and on the NW and N by Zambia, Zimbabwe has a total boundary length of 3,066 km (1,905 mi). Zimbabwe's capital city, Harare, is located in the northeast part of the country.

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