Zimbabwe - Foreign trade

Due to violence in 2000, the annual tobacco auction that usually provides 30% of Zimbabwe's foreign exchange earnings had less than 20% of its normal sales volume and sold bales at prices 15% lower than usual. Unmanufactured tobacco from Zimbabwe (30% of total exports) typically accounts for about 11% of the world's export market in that category.

Gold had been the second-largest export commodity, but gold revenues were down by almost 50% in 2000 due to high inflation rates in Zimbabwe and low world market prices for gold.

Other important exports include cotton (9.2%), iron and steel (9.2%), sugar (4.7%), and nickel (4.4%).

In 1999 Zimbabwe's imports were distributed among the following categories:


Consumer goods 6.8%
Food 4.5%
Fuels 11.3%
Industrial supplies 39.1%
Machinery 26.4%
Transportation 11.3%
Other 0.6%

Principal trading partners in 1999 (in millions of US dollars) were as follows:


South Africa 301 919 -618
United Kingdom 182 142 40
Germany 150 113 37
Japan 135 88 47
United States 110 101 9
China (inc. Hong Kong) 107 63 44
Malawi 73 8 65
Italy 67 24 43
Netherlands 66 30 36
Mozambique 63 14 49

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what type of industrial supplies are needed in zimbabwe. please provide me with as extensive a list as possible. i have many suppliers in south africa and i can negotiate prices. please inform me about preferred method of payment

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