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Zimbabwe uses the GATT system of tariff codes. Imports are subject to duty, import tax, and surtax. Capital goods are exempt from all three. Duties mostly range between 15% and 20% but can go as high as 60%. The surtax is 10% and sales tax is charged the importer as the end-user. The customs duty for textiles is 5% and the duty for clothes is 15%.

Zimbabwe is a member of the 14-nation Southern African Development Community (SADC), which was formed to promote "regional integration," and the 22-nation Preferential Trade Area (PTA) of Eastern and Southern Africa, which provides reduced duties on trade between member countries.

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Hi, Can anyone please help me with information on what import duties, taxes or surcharges are payable when importing Solar systems into Zimbabwe.

Cheers Mike
hi, can anyone give information regarding handmade carpet import duties while importing to zimbabwe.

hi i was wondering how much import tax i would have to pay for importing car sound systems into zimbabwe
Can anyone give some information of the Custo. Duties applicable to the importation of plastic goods from china? Thanks
Konzi Chahuruva
Thank you for what ever is happening. But I would like to know what you consider when charging duty to vehicles. And for now how is cars.
David R. Benjamin
I want to send clothes to Harare, Zimabwe, through a clothing company onlie and I know the shipping and handling cost, but I do not know what the duty for customs fees will be on the clothing that will be sent and how to pay for these fees.
i want to know how much is import duty when i am importing second hand flatbed trailer and also drope side trailers.
Moses kiage
I want to visit harare how much am supposed to pay when I reach at airport?

May I please know what goods are subject to import duty from China, for example hair drier.

Jeff Lewis
Electric hairdryers - Import Duty into Zimbabwe - 40.00 %
Hie how can i know how much duty i can pay,i want to import car from japan? Thank you
Hi, I would like to know the cost of importing a generator into Zimbabwe from the UK. Can you please advise me on this?
From an online store, can I ship products to people in Zimbabwe? (items are under 2lbs/pc, non-electronic, non-food, non-"complex")
How much is duty when i ship an android cable,bluetooth speaker to Zimbabwe from Amazon

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