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The most famous 19th-century Zanzibari was Sayyid Sa'id bin Ahmad al-Albusa'idi (b.Oman, 1791–1856), who founded the Sultanate. Mkwawa, chief of the Hehe, carried on guerrilla warfare against the Germans for three years until he was betrayed for a reward in 1898. The Germans cut off his head and sent it to the anthropological museum in Bremen; in 1961, Mkwawa's skull was returned to the Hehe. The foremost present-day figure is Julius Kambarage Nyerere (1922–99), the founder and first president of independent Tanganyika (and later of Tanzania) from 1962 to 1985, when he stepped down. He was succeeded by 'Ali Hassan Mwinyi (b. 1925), who had been president of Zanzibar during 1984–85. Abeid Karume (1905–72), a sailor of Congolese origin, was the first president of Zanzibar and first vice-president of Tanzania until his assassination. He was succeeded by Aboud Jumbe (b. 1920), who resigned both posts in 1984. Since 1985, the president of Zanzibar has been Idris Abdul Wakil (b. 1925). Edward Moringe Sokoine (1938–84), a prime minister during 1977–80 and 1983–84, was regarded as Nyerere's most likely successor until he died in a car crash. Salim Ahmed Salim (b.1942) was a president of the UN General Assembly during 1979–80, a foreign minister during 1980–84, and a prime minister during 1984–85. An internationally known Tanzanian runner is Filbert Bayi (b. 1953), a former world record holder at 1,500 m.

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Rock band Queen's lead singer Freddie Mercury was born on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar.

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