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Swaziland has a progressive personal income tax system with rates ranging from 0% to 30%. There are no local taxes. Corporate income tax is levied at a flat rate of 37.5%, up from 30% in 1990's. There are no capital gains tax, tax on dividends from companies paid to residents, or estate taxes. Swaziland has double taxation treaties with several countries including South Africa. The standard rate for the sales tax was increased from 12% to 14% in 2003, with higher rates for items like alcohol and tobacco. Exempted from sales tax are fresh foodstuffs, drugs, medicines, furniture and building supplies. In 2003, the government was considering replacing the sales tax with a value-added tax (VAT) system.

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xolile dlamini
for what purpose is the tax system imposed on the variuos sectors of swaziland by government
sandile mkhwanazi
why is it that items like alcohol and tobacco for the sales tax have higher rates? what is it based on?
Will the perpetual increase of tax for substances like alcohol and tobacco harm or help Swazis? We all know that such substances are mostly taken habitualy,and in the long run, not voluntarily and they are highly addictive. Then, what if the people, because of what I have already mentioned, decide- not actually decide- but are forced to give much of their income to purchasing these substances at the opportunity cost of their families being hungry and their children not being sent to school?
What measures does the government use in undertaking such and what is the aim? Could it be to discourage the consumption of such or for some gain? I suppose that the gorvnment should measure the elasticity of such to see if the overall result is the nation being helped or harmed. Thanks!!
will the introduction of value added tax boost the economy of swaziland? what effect will it have on foreign direct investment and what effect will it have on the ordinary swazi citizen?

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