Swaziland - Forestry

Swaziland's forests (pine and eucalyptus) are among the world's largest planted forests, covering 161,000 ha (398,000 acres), or about 9% of the land area. The total forest area in 2000 was 522,000 ha (1,290,000 acres), or 30% of the land area. Roundwood output totaled 1,890,000 cu m (66.7 million cu ft) in 2000, about 70% coniferous. Sawn wood production was 102,000 cu m (3.6 million cu ft). Of Swaziland's planted forests, half supply the Usutu pulp mill, a large export earner producing unbleached wood pulp. About 3% of Swaziland's forests are in protected nature reserves and game sanctuaries.

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Could there please be a forestry tertiary institution introduced in Swaziland

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