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Projected rates of adult illiteracy for the year 2000 stand at 20.2% (males, 19.1%; females, 21.3%). There are government, mission, and private schools. The majority of primary and secondary schools are run by missions with grants from the government. In 1997 there were 529 primary schools with 205,829 pupils and 6,094 teachers. In 1996 secondary schools had 57,330 students and 2,954 teachers. The pupil-teacher ratio at the primary level was 33 to 1 in 1999. In the same year, 93% of primary-school-age children were enrolled in school, while 37% of those eligible attended secondary school. Children go through seven years of primary and five years of secondary schooling. Schooling is not compulsory, and nominal fees are charged to parents. Higher education is provided by the University of Swaziland and the Swaziland College of Technology. In all higher-level institutions there were 467 teaching staff and 5,658 students in 1996/1997. As of 1999, public expenditure on education was estimated at 6.1% of GDP.

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mutyaba paul
Im a university graduate holding a Bsc degree in mechanical engineering,view is that can i be allowed by the government of swaziland to offer what i have in academics to my fellow brothers and sisters in swaziland as far as technical education is concerned.
I need a procedure to join in your institution for masters study in 2o11 to 2012
I realy appreciate the education that is provided at Swaziland but the problem is the school fees and the instituion fees are much higher that the salaries and the wages of employees. So i suggest that if the interest rate rise and the salaries and the wages must rise also please, thank you for getting an opportunity to comment.
I am curently a student at the University of Swaziland doing my first year.I am highly disappointed at the way government handled the awarding of scholarships this year. I already see a very doomed future ahead of me.Really,what will become of our country if the education sector is being killed???Who will lead our country???.This year our government only paid for 500 students out of the 1200 which the University admitted and next year ,there will be no scholarship for any first year students.SWAZILAND IS IN SERIOUS NEED OF INTERNATIONAL HELP.

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